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REGULATIONS - Guides followed by our company

  • Clean & Dust-free
  • Smooth surfaced
  • Bright
  • MVTR/OTR: Nil.
  • Dimensionally better stable and good level of safety
  • Due to natural composition, they can be safely used as packing material for food items.
  • Can be printed on surface / between the foil sealing layer / back and front side of the board
  • i) Prevent product leakage.
  • ii) Provide tamper evidence.
  • iii) Improve product shelf life due to the excellent barrier properties of the foil and its airtight seal onto the container.
  • iv) Improve pack presentation and customer acceptance.
Conforms to the following Food Regulations
21 CFR 175.105, 175.300(b) (3) (xv), 175.320, 175.380(a) and 177.1200 and 177.1210(b) Policy is our motto, adopted through our lab, equipped with latest testing equipments.
The technical information contained herein is based on our tests and on information believed to be reliable; we strongly recommend that laboratory tests are carried out to determine the suitability of the liner material being considered for any given application.
And also refer our Storage and handling conditions for further info on warehousing.
Specification submitted by Mandagini Agencies on the year 2013.
The information contained within this product data bulletin is to be used as a general guide in determining which structures are offered for sealing to specific container materials.

All the information we provide are reliable to the best of our knowledge, but the accuracy thereof is not guaranteed.

Sealing Soultions

State-of-art, GMP standard manufacturing unit, equipped with world class machineries to deliver products with utmost consistency in quality.

key-strength to produce 5 million wads of various size and shape per day under the governance of repertise and exceptionally qualified staff team.

From entry to exit eagle-eye vigilance to control quality, Spillage, Wastage, package and shipment.

In-house laminates division for extrusion, adhesive, coating and printing facilities to provide solutions to our, clients coming with new isdeas, new products and new concepts

Quality assurance

Zero-error Policy is our motto, adopted through our lab, equipped with latest testing equipments.

Quarantine check to end product check by our analysts monitoring incoming, in process, and outgoing stages of production leading us to deliver defect free supplies.

Proof for Perfection is attained through records that are maintained as per GMP Standard for every batch that leaves our factory.

Day to day improvisation by implementing new techniques and methods for the improvement of product quality in every aspect


Ethical sales through a network of dynamic marketing executives made available any time at our client's door steps.

Confidence through Quality is the breath of our sales personnel to conduct and convert sales.

State-of-the-art training center headed by experts to provide complete technical know-how about each and every product that leaves our premises.

Hassle free business relationship - any query from any of our clients with respect to delivery schedule, status, quantity and quality would be given at most importance through our marketing division either side.